Sandvika Storsenter is the largest shopping center in Scandinavia, with 190 stores on 8 different floors covering 1 km from one end to the other. You won't find a similar mix of shops, boutiques and concept stores anywhere else.


Sandvika Storsenter
Brodtkorbsgate 7
1338 Sandvika
Telefon: 67 52 23 00
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If you want a fancy meal, or perhaps just a snack, there are over 20 places ready to serve you.

Peppes, McDonalds, Burger King, Fattigmann, Bølgen & Mois Food Garage and many more.

We also think of Sandvika Storsenter as a paradise for those who love shoes. Choose from more than ten specialized stores that cater to all tastes.


We want to inspire your leisure and spare time. Whether your main interest is sports and outdoor activities or photography, games and hobbies you will find what you are looking for at Sandvika Storsenter.


Mediatek is the name of Norlis new concept. 1500 square meters of movies, books and audio. Welcome to the future! There are hairdressers, health specialists, a psychologist, a gym and everything else that you expect from a modern shopping center.


Our website has been designed to make shopping information easily accessible to you.

You can search for shops, brands, contact information and shopping categories.

There's also a shopping helper to assist you in choosing the store that suits your needs. Optimize your visit to Sandvika Storsenter!


We have 58 different fashion stores for all ages, personalities and wallets. We can't even begin to describe everything you can buy here – it has to be experienced.


Interior design is something we take seriously. We present a lot of exciting offers from different well-known stores - from Boolia and Gant Home to Detaljer and Pytt & Panne.