Maanesten SS23 smykkekolleksjon

Maanesten’s SS23 collection, Wild Flowers at Heart, is inspired by all the wild flowers. The ones around us. And the ones inside us.

kr 1500
Maanesten smykker i gull, stener og perler


Summertime is full of love and light. Let the wildflowers grow in your heart, and let your inner wildness out. Run to the river and dance to the rhythm of your favorite song. Move your mind and body to higher love surrounded by the forever-changing nature. Wildflowers grow wild and luxuriant wherever they want, shining in the radiant sun’s light.

Feel the wildflowers in your heart.


Ringer og øredobber i gull fra Maanesten:

Nemo ring, 1200,-

Sara ring, 1500,-

Esme Single Earring, 1200,-