Mother India

Mother India staff for summerbreak and in August

Mother India Sandvika is looking for new servers that want to give good customer service, have a keen interest in Indian food, and are also flexible and hardwor

We are looking for people that are flexible to work only evening, and some who areable to cover both evening and morning by necessity.We have been located in Bislett in oslo for 30 years and we have finally expanded anew concept on Sandvika Storsenter that is different than the typical fine diningexperience we have. Mother india Sandvika is brand new, focusing on a moderntouch by including fresh and untypical locales and streetfoods and a order systemwith Ipads and QR codes to make the experience efficient with your daily shopping atthe center without sacrificing the 30 year quality of flavors.

The role includes tasks such as but not limited to:

  • Picking up utensils from tables, clean tables and refill utensils at
  • respective areas in the restaurant
  • Serve customers food, take orders and answer customer requests, as
  • well as being attentive to customer needs
  • Plate up orders on trays by order numbers and call for customers for
  • pick-up either for dine-in or takeaway
  • Refill the racks and fridges with necessary spices, drinks, food items
  • and takeaway material by necessity or request
  • Put on Logo brand stickers on takeaway material by necessity
  • Control check dine-in orders and takeaway orders before delivery to Customer
  • Assist in daily routines for cleaning and control by necessity.
  • (required documents and training will be provided
  • Cleaning of tables and floors of dine-in areas and deliver to washing area
  • Getting rid of food spillage on tables and floors, clean away utensils,
  • plates, trays etc
  • Cleaning the shelves, racks, or station by need, as well as fridges and cabinets by
  • necessity. This with simple fat remover or with hot water and cleaning
  • agent
  • Segregate garbage as required by Storsenter and throw in respective areas
  • Pick up and deliver products from storage area to restaurant requested by CEO or Head Chef
  • Help receiving and sending goods from Varemottak to restaurant
  • Control the temperature every day for all fridges and all machinesrequiring cooling in designated documented folder.

In addition to this role, it is required to be able to assist in different kind of smaller tasks requested from the kitchen, and CEO of the company. Such tasks include bringing supplies from the storage, assist in packing food, get supplies from supplier when delivered and other small tasks. This role requires a cooperative person that can assist in different tasks by demand. This role is also met with a requirement to uphold and understand all written hygienstandards for the establishment. We are looking forward to read your resume either in Norwegian or English.

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