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Bolia teams up with La Cabra Coffee


The design chain Bolia partners up with Aarhus-based coffee roasters and entrepreneurs, La Cabra Coffee. A joint venture embracing and founded on their shared love for sustainable materials, local establishments, traditional craft and proud traditions. Bolia is known for blurring boundaries and pushing the envelope, and with the new collaboration, the design company takes their creative universe and store experience to a new level:


“We rebuild all our stores twice a year to keep them fresh and exciting for our customers to visit. Each Bolia store is completely unique and designed to treat all senses. From the inspiring designs and creative installations to our mixed music playing from the speakers to our own scents – and now also our very own coffee creatively developed with our friends from La Cabra.” Lars Lyse Hansen, CEO at explains.



Gourmet coffee for all


Bolia and La Cabra have developed an artisanal coffee experience out of the ordinary, which is available in 22 select Bolia stores in either Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and France – all free of charge. The coffee is organic with the Fair Trade-mark, ensuring a sustainable starting point supporting local farmers and leaving the production eco-friendly



About La Cabra


La Cabra was established in 2012 and has experienced international acknowledgement through their devoted and honest approach to artisanal coffee, and they have won several awards for their many flavours and creative coffee adventures. La Cabra picks, roasts and sells their coffee to select dealers, Michelin restaurants as well as local coffee enthusiasts from all over the world.











About Bolia

Bolia develops two design collections a year, created by more than 30 international designers with their interpretation of new sustainable Scandinavian design. 90% of the production is handmade in Europe and tailor-made to fit the specific customers’ needs and wants. Bolia has 58 design stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and France, online options in all EU countries and more than 500 dealers across the world.



The design company has 58 stores in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and France, webshops in 30 European countries, and more than 450 dealers in 51 countries worldwide. Bolia is a Danish growth company that has gained international acknowledgement for design, concept and creativity. Bolia's design team consists of more than 40 international designers who create two annual collections. With passion for Scandinavian design traditions, sustainable materials and craftsmanship, more than 90% of all Bolia designs are produced in Europe. All designs are carefully tailored to the individual consumer's personal style and needs.

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